What to Expect From Your Inspection

Whether you are buying, selling or maintaining your home, Optimum Home Inspections provides professional and quality service from the moment you call us. Our licensed home inspectors will walk through your home with you and teach you as much as you want to learn. We strictly follow the Standards of Practice for home inspectors established by InterNACHI, the leading home inspection association.

After we walk through the home together, we will explain the general condition of the home and systems with you and your agent. We will talk through any major issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later. We will also mention the items that you will want to keep an eye on for deferred maintenance. All of this will be detailed in our easy-to-read Spectora report, that will be delivered in HTML and/or PDF format. From that report, you will be able to see the items we discussed, with images for reference.

What to expect from your inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it is not necessary, we do recommend that you attend the inspection so you can ask questions and learn more about the home. You will learn a lot from the inspection report but we always encourage you to attend!

Home inspections generally take around 2-4 hours. Obviously this question does not have a set answer as the duration of the inspection depends on many factors such as: square footage of the house, the age of the house, the condition of the house, the number of the systems to inspect (HVAC, plumbing, drains etc.), and the ability to access certain portions of the house (roof, crawl space, attic, etc.).

Any question that you have! We are available to help you make sure you know about the home you are considering. Consider internalizing questions about cosmetic issues or interior design and focus on asking questions about the most critical (expensive) aspects of the home, such as the wiring and plumbing, internal structure, major appliances, and other such systems.

It is important to note that no house is perfect. A home inspection is a diligent visual examination of the home and all of its major systems and components. At the end of the home inspection process, we will provide a detailed report that describes the physical condition of a property, with images and video and highlighting what may need repair or replacement. The information provided is to allow a potential buyer to make an informed decision about moving forward with the transaction. It is not a pass or fail.