Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation inspections are designed to identify potential problems before they become major issues. They involve checking the integrity of roof structures and other building components, such as windows, doors, walls, and skylights. The goal is to prevent damage caused by high winds.

What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection is an evaluation of your roof structure and to see how it performs during high winds. This type of inspection is performed for insurance companies. The purpose of a wind mitigation inspection is to show your insurance company how your home is built and how much of a liability it will be during a high wind storm.

Benefits of Wind Mitigation

A good wind mitigation inspection includes an analysis of the building’s envelope, including the roofing system, walls, windows, door frames, skylight, gutter systems, downspout systems, and any other openings and penetrations. This helps identify potential areas where additional protection measures could be added to prevent water intrusion into the building.

In addition to protecting the building, a properly designed wind mitigation system reduces insurance premiums. Insurers use the data collected during wind mitigation inspections to calculate the cost of insuring a property. If the building passes the inspection, it receives a lower premium.

How Long Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection Valid?

Wind mitigation inspections are valid for up to five years. This is one of the best things about wind mitigation inspections — you don’t have to worry about them expiring.

In most cases, wind mitigation inspection policies are valid for five years. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you add a home addition or make major changes to your roof, the policy could expire sooner.